Snake Gourd with Egg stir fry





                                  Snake Gourd is commonly known as Padvalanga in Malayalam. Several dishes are prepared using Snake gourd in Kerala.

                Almost everyone especially non-veg people hesitate to eat vegetable dishes. 

                           For such people, this recipe can be a good one as it adds Egg also.

 I was wondering how it will come. but its outcome was awesome. One of my special persons who doesn't love snake gourd told:" Yeah, It makes padwal dish awesome".

                       I happened to get this recipe from one of my friends.

I think you will also love this.

                    Another awesome thing is that its ingredients can be easily available. So let us go to the recipe.

 Its ingredients and its method of preparation are elaborately shown in this video recipe...please follow it as such to get its taste as we specified to make it an awesome side dish for Rice.

                        For subtitles please make CC-Closed caption enable in YouTube.





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