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Tomato - coconut Pulao


Tomato coconut pulao


Rice-( I have used Basmati Rice)- 150 grams

Tomatoes-150 grams

Coconut-1/2 of one

Salt to taste

Cloves-2 grams


Pepper-2 grams

Bayleaf-1/2 of one

Fat-(I have used Ghee, You can even use coconut oil, vegetable oil, or sunflower oil)


Wash and drain rice.

Grate coconut and extract thick coconut milk from it.

Blanch tomatoes.

Peel skin , mash and mix with extracted coconut milk.

Heat ghee in a pan.

Add the taken spices and fry it for nearly 20 seconds on a low flame.

Then add drained rice and saute it for nearly 30 seconds on a low flame.

Add coconut milk mixed with tomatoes and salt.

Liquid should be approximately twice the amount of rice.

Cook till rice is tender, dry and, is cooked nicely.

Serve hot with Raita and pickle.


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