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Achappam Kerala Style






Rice flour- 500 gms

Sesame seeds- as needed

Sugar- as needed

Salt- a pinch

Jeeraka Powder- ½ tspoon

Thick Coconut milk – in between 2 ¼ cup- 2.1/2 cup as per batters consistency

Eggs- 4-5 as needed



First beat the eggs  and sugar in a mixer grinder then add coconut milk ,riceflour , salt  ,jeeraka powder and mix well in a semi thick consistency.

Finally add sesame seeds. Mix everything nicely.

Using an achappam mould ,make achappam ,by immersing it (3/4 th portion of it) in the batter,and  then immerse it in oil, then remove the mould.

After frying  take it from oil.

Serve it as a snack



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