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Beef Biriyani

Yum Beef Biriyani

                                                         Biriyani is one of the popular dishes in India. Various types are

 there Thalassery dum biriyani, Manjali biriyani, Hyderabadi biriyani, etc. 

                                          It is prepared, with  Indian spices, semi-cooked rice, then eggs or fish or any meat.
                   Here in this recipe, I have used Beef to prepare this biriyani. This recipe is our 

mom's recipe.

It is best to be served, with onion raita, Mint chutney.

Beef Biriyani


For curry

Beef - 1 kg
Fat- 225 gms(Here in this recipe , I have used Dalda vanaspati)
Onions- 225 gms
Garlic - 5 gms
Coriander-  5 gms
Ginger- 5 gms

Cloves-5 gms
Cardamom- 5gms
Cinnamon- 5 gms
Peppercorns- 5 gms
Chili powder - 1 tsp
Cumin Powder- 1/4 tsp
Curd- 225 gms
Lime -1
Salt- to taste

For rice

Basmati Rice-500 gms
Cloves- a few
Cinnamon- a few
Peppercorns- a few
Bay leaf- a few
Cardamom- a few

Salt- to taste
Saffron- a little


Boil the rice with spices and salt to taste.
Boil till it becomes semi-cooked consistency. Then remove it from fire and drain.
Clean and wash sliced Beef, drain it. Grind together garam masala, jeera, chili powder, and coriander. Add ground spice to Beef with chopped ginger, garlic, curd, and lime juice. After marinating it, Keep it aside for at least half an hour.
After half an hour ,cook beef till it is partially cooked.
Heat fat, fry sliced onion till it becomes golden brown.
Add half of the fried onions to the meat.
Add partially cooked rice over the meat.
Dissolve saffron in warm milk and pour over the rice.
{Beef biriyani is prepared as dum biriyani.
In dum biriyani, first, the meat and gravy are spread over the vessel and then the half-cooked rice, dissolved saffron, fried onions, cashew nuts, and raisins, layer by layer.
Then seal the pan, and cook till the rice and meat are done.}
Add remaining fat.
Seal the pan and cook till the rice and meat are done.
Garnish with fried onions, cashew nuts, and raisins.


You can adjust the level of spices as per your taste preferences.


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