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Restaurant Style Chili Chicken gravy

Yum Fried rice and chilli chicken gravy

Chilli chicken Gravy


Onion -3 sliced
Celery- 1/2 cup
Capsicum- 2 sliced
Food color 
Chili sauce 
Soya sauce 
Garlic 2-3
Pepper powder
Salt to taste
Chicken- 1 Kg
Green chili -3
Chicken stock
Sugar - 1/2 teaspoon
Sunflower oil


To prepare stock 

Cut chicken pieces (like chicken wings ,neck)  into small pieces with  some vegetables and a little bit of salt and water and boil everything for a few minutes .

Preparation of chilli chicken

Marinate chicken pieces with pepper powder, salt to taste, cornflour, maida, and eggs. After marinating, keep it aside for a few minutes. Then fry it in Sunflower oil.
Heat oil in a pan (here I have used Sunflower oil) add sliced onion, garlic, Capsicum,celery and add sliced green chili. Saute everything for a few minutes. Add chicken stock filtered and add soya sauce,chili sauce then add fried chicken pieces a little bit of vinegar and sugar nearly half teaspoon and salt to taste, then add food color and mix well everything. Add cornflour mixed with water - paste and mix everything on a low flame and serve it with fried rice.


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