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Kerala Style Kumbalanga Pachadi



Yum Kumbalanga pachadi

                                       Ash gourd( is known as kumbalanga in malayalam) is also known as winter melon. Kumbalanga have lot of health benefits,

                 -It boosts vision

                -It boosts immunity

               -It helps in digestion

               -It protects the hearts

               -It helps in weight reduction

               -It has medicinal properties,and it is used widely in Ayurveda

               -It detoxifies the body

                                  Kumbalanga is a vegetable,It has high water content and rich in vit C,K and calcium.It increases the metabolic rate and thus it helps in faster reduction of weight.

                                    Keralites used to prepare so many delicious dishes with this vegetable.It is also used as an ingredient of kerala style sambhar and Avial.We also prepares Kerala Style kumbalanga pachadi ,Kumbalanga moru curry with this vegetable,which are the main part of kerala sadhya .Among this Kerala style kumbalanga pachadi and kumbalanga moru curry is prepared using curd as one of  its ingredient.
Let's go to the recipe,

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