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Fruit Custard

Yum Fruit Custard


Milk – ½ litre

Custard powder- 2tbspn

Sugar-2 ½ tbspn

Vanilla essence- ¼ tspn


Apple-3 chopped


Banana-3 chopped


Pineapple –2 slices chopped

Orange-2 chopped

Mango- 2 chopped


Take custard powder in a bowl

Add 4 tbspns of milk from ½ litre of milk and dissolve should not have lumps

Boil the remaining milk with sugar and add this mixture to it. Stir it constantly.

Cook it till it becomes slightly thicker.

Bring the whole mixture to room temperature and keep it in refrigerator to make it cold.

Note: it may become more thicker once it become cold.

Take all the fruits in a bowl.

Add vanilla essence and sugar.mix everything nicely

Add the fruits to the chilled custard.Serve it as a dessert .


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